Working Papers

Violence Against Women, HIV/AIDS Vulnerability and the Law

Asmita Basu and Ratna Menon

Trafficking and the Conflation with Sex Work: Implications for HIV Prevention and Control

Svati P Shah

Prostitution in the Arab World: A Legal Study of Arab Legislation

Nada Al-Riahi

Law and Homosexuality: Survey and Analysis of Legislation Across the Arab World

Dr. Wahid Ferchichi

Gender-Based Violence, Criminal Law Enforcement and HIV: Overview of the Evidence and Case Studies of Positive Practices

Jessica Chiu, Kim Blankenship and Scott Burris

Children and HIV: Using an evidence-based approach to identify legal strategies that protect and promote the rights of children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS

Ann Strode and Kitty Grant

Traditional Cultural Practices and HIV: Reconciling Culture and Human Rights

Emma Day and Allan Maleche

Sex Work, HIV and the Law

Ashwini Sukthankar

Property and Inheritance Laws: The Impact on Women and OVC in the Context of HIV

Aziza Ahmed

Human Rights, the Law, and HIV among Transgender People

Stefan Baral, Chris Beyrer, and Tonia Poteat

The Criminalisation of HIV Exposure and Transmission: A Global Review

Matthew Weait

Approaches to Intellectual Property and Innovation that Meet the Public Health Challenge of AIDS

Anthony D. So and Cecilia Oh

The Evolution of IPRs from Humble Beginnings to the Modern Day TRIPS-Plus Era: Implications for Treatment Access

Brook K. Baker and Tenu Avafia

Punitive Drug Law and the Risk Environment for Injecting Drug Users: Understanding the Connections

Jessica Chiu and Scott Burris

MSM, HIV and the Law: The Case of Gay, Bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM)

Chris Beyrer, Stefan D Baral

How to Best Reach HIV-Vulnerable Groups in Arab States: Drug Abuse in International Laws and Arabic Legislations

Dr. Fattouh al-Shazly

Criminalisation and the Moral Responsibility for Sexual Transmission of HIV

Scott Burris and Matthew Weait

Access to Medicines: The Role of Intellectual Property Law and Policy

Mohammed El Said and Amy Kapczynski