Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) advised the Commission on key technical issues and research related to HIV and the law focusing on the impacts of punitive and enabling legal environments on scaling up effective HIV responses. It assisted in the technical review of all materials placed before and produced by the Commission, and provided guidance on appropriate research questions and methodologies as well as Regional Issues Papers, which sought to highlight issues related to punitive and enabling laws, policies and practices, in the context of the specific regional considerations. Finally, the TAG advised the Commission on the Regional Dialogues and strategies for following up the findings and recommendations of the Commission. The TAG was co-chaired by a Commissioner, The Hon. Michael Kirby, and a member, Mr. Allehone Mulugeta Abebe, both with expertise in HIV, human rights and the law. It comprised experts in the areas of law, human rights, HIV and public health, people living with HIV, and members of civil society and marginalised communities.

The Hon. Michael Kirby

Allehone Mulugeta Abebe

JVR Prasada Rao

Aziza Ahmed

Jonathan Berger

Chris Beyrer

Scott Burris

Joanne Csete

Mandeep Dhaliwal

Sophie Dilmitis

Vivek Divan

Richard Elliott

Sofia Gruskin

Wendy Isaack

Rick Lines

Annie Madden


Kevin Moody


Vitit Muntarbhorn


Cheryl Overs


Tracy Robinson


Purna Sen


Susan Timberlake


Matthew Weait