UHC Legal Solutions Network

The UHC Legal Solutions Network is a new collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the World Health Organization (WHO) and Georgetown University.

Laws, policies and practices can advance or impede UHC. Enabling legal, policy and regulatory environments built upon evidence and rights are vital for accessing basic services and achieving universal health coverage (UHC). An evidence-informed, rights-based legal framework can establish a legal mandate for access to health services and pave the way for national governments to make meaningful progress towards UHC.

The UHC Legal Solutions Network will support country implementation of UHC by working with policymakers, civil society groups and other stakeholders to craft laws, policies and practices to ensure that UHC commitments are met. The Network will:

  • Communicate and advocate the critical role of law as a social determinant of health;
  • Identify situations and circumstances in which using law is a prerequisite to successful implementation of country-level health policies;
  • Provide countries with the support needed to reform legal structures to achieve UHC, and more.