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Botswana Assessment of Legal and Regulatory Framework for HIV, AIDS and TuberculosisMarch 2018Ministry of Health and Wellness, UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2018-03-28 04:37:25
Le VIH/SIDA et les droits de l’homme en Republique Democratique du Congo: Manuel de formation (2nd edition)September 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: French2017-09-01 18:28:56
Global Commission on HIV and the Law: 5 FactsJuly 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2017-07-10 13:04:13
Fact Sheet on HIV and the LawJuly 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2017-07-03 14:13:51
Invitation: Lessons from the Global Commission on HIV and the Law for Agenda 2030July 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2017-07-01 20:42:51
UNDP Support to the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 3June 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2017-06-01 20:41:39
Advancing the Human Rights and Inclusion of LGBTI People: A Handbook for ParliamentariansApril 2017UNDP, Parliamentarians for Global ActioneLibraryDownload in: English2017-04-01 20:41:13
Technical Brief: HIV, Human Rights and Gender EqualityApril 2017The Global FundeLibraryDownload in: English2017-04-01 20:39:25
HIV and the Law in IndiaMarch 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2017-03-01 20:38:30
Issue brief: Advancing human rights, equality & inclusive governance to end AIDSMarch 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2017-03-01 20:32:59
Good practices following the Supreme Court judgement on transgender peopleFebruary 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2017-02-01 20:37:38
Geographical disparities in HIV prevalence and care among men who have sex with men in Malawi: results from a multisite cross-sectional surveyFebruary 2017The Lancet HIVeLibraryDownload in: English2017-02-01 20:32:06
HIV, TB and human rights in Southern and East Africa: Report 2016October 2016ARASAeLibraryDownload in: English2016-10-01 20:36:43
Removing legal and human rights barriers to HIV and AIDS response in Nigeria – National Plan of Action 2017-2022September 2016NAC, ENDA Santé, UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2016-09-01 20:35:43
Report on assessment of the legal environment for HIV and AIDS in LesothoSeptember 2016UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2016-09-01 20:31:19
Seychelles HIV & AIDS National Action Plan to Remove Legal BarriersAugust 2016NAC, ARASA, UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2016-08-02 20:34:44
Using Complaints to Address Healthcare Violations: A Guide for Healthcare Users and Community-Based OrganisationsAugust 2016SALCeLibraryDownload in: English2016-08-01 20:33:54
Guidelines for the Examination of Patent Applications relating to PharmaceuticalsJune 2016UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2016-06-08 20:30:25
Advancing HIV Justice 2: Building momentum in global advocacy against HIV criminalisationMay 2016HIV Justice NetworkeLibraryDownload in: English2016-05-10 20:29:29
Review of country progress in addressing legal and policy barriers to universal access to HIV services in Asia and the PacificMay 2016UNDP, UNAIDS, ESCAPeLibraryDownload in: English2016-05-09 20:28:34
Reflections on Drug Policy and its Impact on Human Development: Innovative ApproachesApril 2016UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2016-04-01 20:27:42
Legal environment assessment for HIV/AIDS response in NigeriaDecember 2015UNDP, NACAeLibraryDownload in: English2015-12-19 20:26:51
The Policy and Legal Environments Related to HIV Services in China: Review and ConsultationDecember 2015UNDP ChinaeLibraryDownload in: English2015-12-18 20:25:54
Nothing About Us, Without Us: HIV/AIDS-related Community and Policy OrganizingDecember 2015Best Practices Policy Project, Desiree AllianceeLibraryDownload in: English2015-12-01 20:25:02
Why are we putting people in jail for having HIV? A grassroots guide to HIV criminalization: Facts, foolishness and solutionsNovember 2015The Center for HIV Law & PolicyeLibraryDownload in: English2015-11-02 20:24:15
The Impact of International Drug Policy on Access to Controlled MedicinesNovember 2015Open Society FoundationseLibraryDownload in: English2015-11-01 20:23:29
Fast-tracking HIV treatment: Parliamentary action and policy optionsOctober 2015UNAIDS, Inter-Parliamentary UnioneLibraryDownload in: English2015-10-22 20:22:42
Leave no one behind: Advancing social, economic, cultural and political inclusion of LGBTI people in Asia and the Pacific – SummaryOctober 2015UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2015-10-14 20:21:50
Blueprint for the provision of comprehensive care for trans persons and trans communities in Asia and the PacificOctober 2015UNDP, APTN, USAID, HPPeLibraryDownload in: English2015-10-08 20:20:56
National Consultation on Legal and Policy Barriers to HIV in IndonesiaOctober 2015UNDP, UNAIDS, ESCAP, UN Country TeameLibraryDownload in: English2015-10-01 20:19:47
Report of the Regional Dialogue on LGBTI Human Rights and Health in Asia-PacificSeptember 2015UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2015-09-28 20:18:51
Policy Position on Decriminalisation and HIVSeptember 2015International AIDS AllianceeLibraryDownload in: English2015-09-16 20:17:11
Sexual and reproductive health and rights, and HIV: 101 workshop guideAugust 2015International HIV/AIDS AllianceeLibraryDownload in: English2015-08-31 20:15:55
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, HIV and Human Rights Advocacy ToolkitAugust 2015ARASAeLibraryDownload in: English2015-08-03 20:13:54
Policy brief: Transgender people and HIVJuly 2015WHOeLibraryDownload in: English2015-07-02 20:07:58
Information series on sexual and reproductive health and rights: HIV/AIDSJuly 2015OHCHReLibraryDownload in: English2015-07-01 20:07:08
Addressing the Development Dimensions of Drug PolicyJune 2015UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2015-06-18 20:04:13
HIV and the Law in South-East AsiaJune 2015UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2015-06-01 20:06:13
Sexual health, human rights and the lawJune 2015WHOeLibraryDownload in: English2015-06-01 20:05:10
Know Your Rights, Use Your LawsFebruary 2015UNDP, European UnioneLibraryDownload in: English2015-02-23 20:03:24
“Strengthening regional and national legislative environments to support the human rights of LGBT people, women & girls affected by HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa”February 2015UNDP, USCeLibraryDownload in: English2015-02-04 20:02:27
Scan of Law and Policies Affecting Human Rights, Discrimination and Access to HIV and Health Services by Key Populations in PakistanJanuary 2015UNDP, NACP, UN Country TeameLibraryDownload in: English2015-01-21 20:01:25
Review and Consultation on the Policy and Legal Environments Related to HIV Services in MalaysiaJanuary 2015UN Country Team MalaysiaeLibraryDownload in: English2015-01-09 20:00:15
Report on the Right to Privacy and Confidentiality for Persons Living with HIV Accessing Health ServicesDecember 2014KELIN Kenya, KPA, NEPHAKeLibraryDownload in: English2014-12-17 19:59:24
Consultation on Police and HIV ReportNovember 2014LEAHNeLibraryDownload in: English2014-11-26 19:58:25
Creating Enabling Legal Environments: Conducting National Reviews and Multi-Sector Consultations on Legal and Policy Barriers to HIV ServicesNovember 2014UNDP, UNAIDSeLibraryDownload in: English2014-11-06 19:57:29
Punitive Laws Hindering the HIV Response in Asia and the PacificOctober 2014UNAIDS, AIDS Data Hub, UNODC, UNFPA, UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-10-01 19:56:30
National HIV Legal Review Report: A Review of Myanmar’s Legal Framework and its Affect on Access to Health and HIV Services for People Living with HIV and Key Affected PopulationsSeptember 2014UNDP, UNAIDS, Pyoe PineLibraryDownload in: English2014-09-24 19:55:33
Engaging with parliamentarians on HIV and the law: A practical manual for UNDP Country Office and Regional staffJuly 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-07-30 19:54:28
To Protect and Serve: How Police, Sex Workers, and People Who Use Drugs Are Joining Forces to Improve Health and Human RightsJuly 2014Open Society FoundationeLibraryDownload in: English2014-07-21 19:53:37
Best Practices Guide to Reform HIV-Specific Criminal Laws to Align with Scientifically-Supported FactorsJuly 2014U.S. Department of JusticeeLibraryDownload in: English2014-07-15 19:52:40
Consolidated guidelines on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populationsJuly 2014WHOeLibraryDownload in: English2014-07-11 19:51:52
The Donor Landscape for Access to Justice and HealthJune 2014Open Society FoundationeLibraryDownload in: English2014-06-01 19:50:56
Eliminating forced, coercive and otherwise involuntary sterilization: An interagency statementMay 2014OHCHR, UN Women, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WHOeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-18 19:50:02
Report on progress towards achieving law & human rights goals within the AU Roadmap on Shared Responsibility & Global Solidarity for AIDS, TB & Malaria Response in Africa(2012-15)May 2014UNDP Regional Service Centre for AfricaeLibraryDownload in: English • French2014-05-18 19:48:37
Using competition law to promote access to health technologies: A guidebook for low-and-middle income countriesMay 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:47:31
North America and the Caribbean Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:46:34
Latin America Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:45:43
Europe Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:44:51
Asia Pacific Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:44:25
Africa Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:42:47
Good Practice Guide: HIV and Human RightsMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:41:54
Being LGBT in Asia: The Philippine Country ReportMay 2014UNDP, USAIDeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-12 19:40:58
License to Be Yourself: Laws and Advocacy for Legal Gender Recognition of Trans PeopleMay 2014Open Society FoundationeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-01 19:39:53
A Framework for Media Engagement on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in South Asia: Regional Framework, Literature Review and Country Case StudiesApril 2014UNDP, CFAReLibraryDownload in: English2014-04-30 19:38:46
Trans Populations and HIV: Time to End the Neglect – Issue BriefMarch 2014amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS ResearcheLibraryDownload in: English2014-03-31 19:38:21
Securing Women’s Land and Property Rights: A Critical Step to Address HIV, Violence, and Food SecurityMarch 2014Open Society FoundationseLibraryDownload in: English2014-03-08 19:36:49
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Implications for Access to Medicines and Public HealthMarch 2014UNITAIDeLibraryDownload in: English2014-03-01 19:35:48
Effective laws to end HIV and AIDS: Next steps for parliamentsFebruary 2014UNDP and Inter-Parliamentary UnioneLibraryDownload in: English2014-02-18 19:34:44
Checklist for Integrating Gender into the New Funding Model of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and MalariaFebruary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-02-12 18:37:11
Dialogo Nacional sobre el VIH y el Derecho: Informe y recomendaciones HondurasFebruary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: Spanish2014-02-02 18:36:13
Dialogo Nacional sobre el VIH y el Derecho: Informe y recomendaciones GuatemalaFebruary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: Spanish2014-02-01 18:35:06
Diálogo Nacional sobre el VIH y el Derecho: Resumen ejecutivo de informe y recomendaciones Costa RicaFebruary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: Spanish2014-02-01 18:25:17
Practical manual: Legal environment assessment for HIV: An operational guide to conducting national legal, regulatory and policy assessments for HIVJanuary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-01-27 18:24:17
National Dialogues on HIV and the Law: A Practical Manual for UNDP Regional HIV Teams and Country OfficesJanuary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-01-27 18:23:50
Summary of E-Discussion: The Global Commission on HIV and the Law – Taking the Commission’s Recommendation’s ForwardJanuary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-01-27 18:22:10
Discussion Paper on Transgender Health & Human RightsJanuary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-01-06 18:21:03
Regional Report: The Capacity of National Human Rights Institutions to Address Human Rights in Relation to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and HIVDecember 2013UNDP, IDLO, APFeLibraryDownload in: English2013-12-18 18:20:01
South Asia Regional Advocacy Framework and Resource Guide: HIV, Human Rights and Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityDecember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAWeLibraryDownload in: English2013-12-09 18:18:04
Informe y Recomendaciones Diálogo Nacional sobre el VIH y el Derecho República DominicanaDecember 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: Spanish2013-12-04 18:14:24
Protecting the rights of key HIV-affected women and girls in health care settings: A legal scanNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-20 18:13:20
HIV and the Law: Men Who Have Sex with Men: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English • Russian2013-11-20 18:11:09
HIV and the Law: People Living with HIV: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English • Russian2013-11-20 18:09:57
HIV and the Law: Sex Workers: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English • Russian2013-11-20 18:08:35
HIV and the Law: People Who Use Drugs: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English • Russian2013-11-20 18:07:24
HIV and the Law: Transgender People: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English • Russian2013-11-20 18:06:05
HIV and the Law: Women Living with HIV: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English • Russian2013-11-20 18:04:30
Legal Environment Assessment for HIV Responses in the Democratic Republic of the CongoNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: French2013-11-20 18:02:58
HIV and the Law: Key Populations in Jamaica: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-20 18:01:30
HIV and the Law: Women in Jamaica: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-20 18:00:33
HIV and the Law: Youth in Jamaica: Fact SheetNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-20 17:59:57
Implementing comprehensive HIV/STI programmes with sex workers: practical approaches from collaborative interventionsNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-20 17:58:16
Training Manual: Prevention of Stigma and Discrimination against PLHIV and KAPs in Police OperationNovember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAW, WAP+eLibraryDownload in: Thai2013-11-20 17:52:55
When sex work and drug use overlap: Considerations for advocacy and practiceNovember 2013Harm Reduction InternationaleLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-19 18:34:10
Young people and the law in Asia and the Pacific: A review of laws and policies affecting young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health and HIV servicesNovember 2013UNESCO, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNDP, Youth LeadeLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-19 18:12:19
Legal Reforms, Social Change: HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and National Development in JamaicaNovember 2013UNDP, UNAIDS, National HIV/STI ProgrammeeLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-02 18:32:17
HIV and AIDS and Labour Rights: A Handbook for Judges and Legal ProfessionalsNovember 2013ILOeLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-01 18:33:21
Democratic Republic of the Congo National Dialogue on HIV and the Law ReportNovember 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-01 18:31:19
Compendium of Judgments for Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rights and the Law in East and Southern AfricaOctober 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-10-29 18:30:15
Using Law to Accelerate Treatment Access in South Africa: An Analysis of Patent, Competition and Medicines LawOctober 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-10-14 18:27:53
HIV and the Law: Access to Essential Medicines: Fact SheetOctober 2013Open Society FoundationseLibraryDownload in: English • Russian2013-10-01 18:26:24
“The Time Has Come” Enhancing HIV, STI and other sexual health services for MSM and transgender people in Asia and the Pacific: Training package for health providers to reduce stigma in health care settingsSeptember 2013UNDP, WHOeLibraryDownload in: English2013-09-13 14:57:28
Ending and Defending Against HIV Criminalization: A Manual for AdvocatesSeptember 2013The Center for HIV Law and PolicyeLibraryDownload in: English2013-09-03 14:56:02
IDPC Briefing Paper: HIV prevention among people who use drugs in East AfricaSeptember 2013International Drug Policy ConsortiumeLibraryDownload in: English2013-09-01 14:54:11
Regional Capacity Building Workshop for Senior Law Enforcement Officers on HIV, Human Rights & the Law – Meeting ReportJuly 2013UNDP, UN Joint Programme on HIV in Kenya, Kelin KenyaeLibraryDownload in: English2013-07-01 14:53:11
Compendium of Judgements for Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rights and the Law in Asia and the PacificJune 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-06-03 14:52:00
Legal protections against HIV-related human rights violations: Experiences and lessons learned from national HIV laws in Asia and the PacificMay 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-05-23 14:51:01
Honduras National Dialogue on HIV and the Law: Information NoteMay 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: Spanish2013-05-09 14:50:05
Ending overly broad criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission: Critical scientific, medical and legal considerationsMay 2013UNAIDSeLibraryDownload in: English2013-05-05 14:47:15
Judging the epidemic: A judicial handbook on HIV, human rights and the lawMay 2013eLibraryDownload in: English2013-05-01 14:46:09
Pacific Consultation on Legal and Policy Barriers to Accessing HIV Services for PLHIV and Key Affected Populations: Meeting ReportApril 2013UNAIDS, SPC, ILO, UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-04-19 14:45:13
The Role of Human Rights in Responses to HIV, Tuberculosis and MalariaApril 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-04-04 15:38:13
Seychelles Legal Environment Assessment of HIV and AIDSApril 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-04-01 15:36:52
Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Affordable ARVs in ChinaMarch 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-03-19 15:31:02
TRIPS transition period extensions for least-developed countries: Issue briefFebruary 2013UNDP, UNAIDSeLibraryDownload in: English2013-02-26 15:29:56
Regional Legal Reference Resource: Protective Laws Related to HIV, Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender People in South AsiaJanuary 2013UNDP, IDLO, SAARCLAWeLibraryDownload in: English2013-01-17 15:27:52
Costa Rica impulsó cabildo abierto contra la discriminación a personas con VIHNovember 2012UNDPeLibraryDownload in: Spanish2012-11-30 15:26:29
Kenya National Symposium on HIV, Law, and Human Rights: Meeting ReportOctober 2012UNDP, KELIN, UNAIDS, NEPHAKeLibraryDownload in: English2012-10-31 15:25:24
Sex Work and the Law in Asia and the PacificOctober 2012UNDP, UNAIDS, UNFPAeLibraryDownload in: English2012-10-11 15:24:16
Assessment of Legal, Regulatory & Policy Environment for HIV and AIDS in MalawiJuly 2012UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2012-07-01 15:22:25
National Dialogue on HIV and the Law in El Salvador: Meeting ReportJune 2012UNDPeLibraryDownload in: Spanish2012-06-13 15:20:45
Lost in Transition: Transgender People, Rights and HIV Vulnerability in the Asia-Pacific RegionMay 2012UNDP, APTNeLibraryDownload in: English2012-05-16 15:18:05
The Potential Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Public Health: Issue BriefMay 2012UNDP, UNAIDSeLibraryDownload in: English2012-05-01 15:16:45
Belize National Dialogue on Human Rights, Law and HIV: Fact SheetOctober 2011eLibraryDownload in: English2011-10-13 15:15:34
HIV and the Law in the Caribbean: Fact SheetOctober 2011UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2011-10-06 15:13:51
Using TRIPS flexibilities to improve access to HIV treatment: Policy briefSeptember 2011UNDP, UNAIDS, WHOeLibraryDownload in: English2011-09-13 15:12:36
HIV and the Law in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Regional Issues PaperMay 2011UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2011-05-10 15:11:19
Our Health Our Right: Securing access to generic ARV medicines in AsiaOctober 2010APN+eLibraryDownload in: English2010-10-28 15:08:47
Legal environments, human rights and HIV responses among men who have sex with men and transgender people in Asia and the Pacific: An agenda for actionJuly 2010UNDP, APCOMeLibraryDownload in: English2010-07-20 15:07:18
Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal ServicesDecember 2009IDLO, UNAIDS, UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English • Arabic • Russian • Chinese • Spanish • French2009-12-31 11:50:46
Enabling Effective Responses to HIV in Pacific Island Countries: Drafting Instructions for Human Rights-based Legislative ReformJanuary 2009UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2009-01-01 11:45:12