Press Releases

Evidence- and rights- based laws and policies are key to ending AIDS, 13 July 2017

UNDP statement to the 19th Session of the Human Rights Council - Geneva, Switzerland, 20 March 2012

Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Dialogue - Chisinau, Moldova, 18-19 May 2011

Launch of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law - Geneva, Switzerland, June 2010

Latin America Regional Dialogue - Sao Paulo, Brazil, 26-27 June 2011

Asia Pacific Regional Dialogue - Bangkok, Thailand, 16-17 February 2011

First meeting of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law - São Paulo, Brazil, October 2010

2011 High Level Meeting on AIDS - IPU/UNDP/UNAIDS Event - New York, 7 June 2011

International AIDS Conference - Vienna, Austria, July 2010, 'Rights Here, Rights Now'

Media Advisory: High-level commission to unveil report on how bad laws are stifling the global AIDS response & how good laws can send HIV epidemics into decline