Articles and Speeches from Commissioners

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Statement on Uganda’s Constitutional Court ruling on the Anti-Homosexuality ActAugust 2014Sylvia TamaleReport ResourcesDownload in: English2014-08-05 14:37:07
Speech at the Workshop on Greek Justice, Legislation and HIV/AIDS, 11 December 2012December 2012Michael KirbyReport ResourcesDownload in: English2012-12-01 14:35:29
Opening remarks at UNAIDS 29th Programme Coordinating BoardDecember 2011JVR Prasada RaoChallenging Stigma and Discrimination in the Caribbean, Report ResourcesDownload in: English2011-12-05 12:27:28
Closing remarks at the UNAIDS Meeting on Criminalization of HIV Transmission and Non-DisclosureSeptember 2011The Hon. Michael KirbyReport ResourcesDownload in: English2011-09-01 12:29:43
Speech on issues of HIV and the law at the Asia Pacific AIDS conference (ICAAP) held in Bussan, KoreaAugust 2011JVR Prasada RaoReport ResourcesDownload in: English2011-08-27 12:33:16
A National Response to the HIV Epidemic in Papua New GuineaMay 2011Dame Carol KiduReport ResourcesDownload in: English2011-05-15 12:34:33
Set Drug Users Free!May 2011Jon UngphakornReport ResourcesDownload in: English2011-05-04 14:22:45
Jail the drug dealers, free the usersMay 2011Jon UngphakornReport ResourcesDownload in: English2011-05-04 12:36:01
IP’s impact on HIV drug development questionedMarch 2011Charles ChauvelReport ResourcesDownload in: English2011-03-17 14:29:07
Intellectual Property Law and Human Rights: The Urgent Need for a Luther of JurisprudenceFebruary 2011Report ResourcesDownload in: English2011-02-25 14:35:07