Capacity Development Toolkits

ImageDocumentDateOrganizationCategoriesTagsDownload Link
Le VIH/SIDA et les droits de l’homme en Republique Democratique du Congo: Manuel de formation (2nd edition)September 2017UNDPeLibraryDownload in: French2017-09-01 18:28:56
Fast-tracking HIV treatment: Parliamentary action and policy optionsOctober 2015UNAIDS, Inter-Parliamentary UnioneLibraryDownload in: English2015-10-22 20:22:42
Sexual and reproductive health and rights, and HIV: 101 workshop guideAugust 2015International HIV/AIDS AllianceeLibraryDownload in: English2015-08-31 20:15:55
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, HIV and Human Rights Advocacy ToolkitAugust 2015ARASAeLibraryDownload in: English2015-08-03 20:13:54
Know Your Rights, Use Your LawsFebruary 2015UNDP, European UnioneLibraryDownload in: English2015-02-23 20:03:24
“Strengthening regional and national legislative environments to support the human rights of LGBT people, women & girls affected by HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa”February 2015UNDP, USCeLibraryDownload in: English2015-02-04 20:02:27
Engaging with parliamentarians on HIV and the law: A practical manual for UNDP Country Office and Regional staffJuly 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-07-30 19:54:28
To Protect and Serve: How Police, Sex Workers, and People Who Use Drugs Are Joining Forces to Improve Health and Human RightsJuly 2014Open Society FoundationeLibraryDownload in: English2014-07-21 19:53:37
Best Practices Guide to Reform HIV-Specific Criminal Laws to Align with Scientifically-Supported FactorsJuly 2014U.S. Department of JusticeeLibraryDownload in: English2014-07-15 19:52:40
Consolidated guidelines on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populationsJuly 2014WHOeLibraryDownload in: English2014-07-11 19:51:52
Using competition law to promote access to health technologies: A guidebook for low-and-middle income countriesMay 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:47:31
North America and the Caribbean Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:46:34
Latin America Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:45:43
Europe Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:44:51
Asia Pacific Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:44:25
Africa Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV ProgrammingMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:42:47
Good Practice Guide: HIV and Human RightsMay 2014NSWPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-05-16 19:41:54
A Framework for Media Engagement on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in South Asia: Regional Framework, Literature Review and Country Case StudiesApril 2014UNDP, CFAReLibraryDownload in: English2014-04-30 19:38:46
Effective laws to end HIV and AIDS: Next steps for parliamentsFebruary 2014UNDP and Inter-Parliamentary UnioneLibraryDownload in: English2014-02-18 19:34:44
Checklist for Integrating Gender into the New Funding Model of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and MalariaFebruary 2014UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2014-02-12 18:37:11
South Asia Regional Advocacy Framework and Resource Guide: HIV, Human Rights and Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityDecember 2013UNDP, SAARCLAWeLibraryDownload in: English2013-12-09 18:18:04
HIV and AIDS and Labour Rights: A Handbook for Judges and Legal ProfessionalsNovember 2013ILOeLibraryDownload in: English2013-11-01 18:33:21
Compendium of Judgments for Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rights and the Law in East and Southern AfricaOctober 2013UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2013-10-29 18:30:15
Ending and Defending Against HIV Criminalization: A Manual for AdvocatesSeptember 2013The Center for HIV Law and PolicyeLibraryDownload in: English2013-09-03 14:56:02
Regional Capacity Building Workshop for Senior Law Enforcement Officers on HIV, Human Rights & the Law – Meeting ReportJuly 2013UNDP, UN Joint Programme on HIV in Kenya, Kelin KenyaeLibraryDownload in: English2013-07-01 14:53:11
Judging the epidemic: A judicial handbook on HIV, human rights and the lawMay 2013eLibraryDownload in: English2013-05-01 14:46:09
Regional Legal Reference Resource: Protective Laws Related to HIV, Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender People in South AsiaJanuary 2013UNDP, IDLO, SAARCLAWeLibraryDownload in: English2013-01-17 15:27:52
Our Health Our Right: Securing access to generic ARV medicines in AsiaOctober 2010APN+eLibraryDownload in: English2010-10-28 15:08:47
Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal ServicesDecember 2009IDLO, UNAIDS, UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English • Arabic • Russian • Chinese • Spanish • French2009-12-31 11:50:46
Enabling Effective Responses to HIV in Pacific Island Countries: Drafting Instructions for Human Rights-based Legislative ReformJanuary 2009UNDPeLibraryDownload in: English2009-01-01 11:45:12