The Global Commission on HIV and the Law is an independent body, convened by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on behalf of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). The Commission undertook extensive research, consultation, analysis and deliberation over a period of 2 years to examine links between legal environments and HIV responses. The conclusions and recommendations of the Commission are included in its final report 'HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health' (July 2012). The Commission was supported by a Technical Advisory Group, which reviewed and analysed existing public health and legal evidence and also commissioned original analysis. Seven regional dialogues were convened to share and deliberate on evidence and experience on the impact of law on HIV responses.

The Global Commission disbanded following the release of its report in July 2012. UNDP, working in partnership with the UNAIDS Secretariat, UN agencies, governments, civil society and donors, monitors and participants in activities to implement the findings and recommendations of the Report.


The Global Commission on HIV and the Law was based on three mutually reinforcing axes:

  1. A high level commission that added insight and weight to findings and recommendations
  2. A Technical Advisory Group that helped generate and build consensus around the evidence base
  3. Regional Dialogues that ensured participation and inclusion of affected communities and law- and policy-makers

The objectives of the Commission were to:

  • Analyse existing evidence and generate new evidence on rights and law in the context of HIV and develop rights-based and evidence-informed recommendations
  • Increase awareness amongst key constituencies on issues of rights and law in the context of HIV and engage with civil society and strengthen their ability to campaign, advocate and lobby

The outcomes of the Commission included:

  • Consolidated, coherent and compelling evidence base on human rights and legal issues relating to HIV
  • Greater awareness among key stakeholders and leadership of law- and policy-makers
  • Public dialogue and civil society engagement on social attitudes, human rights and legal issues relating to HIV


Global Commission on HIV and the Law: Information Note

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